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Many have already gone before you and many will follow, because a tattoo at Lucky Cat Tattoo is placed as optimally as possible.

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Many have already gone before you and many will follow, because a tattoo at Lucky Cat Tattoo is nice, beautiful and sleek.

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The Story of

Lucky Cat Tattoo

The day we decided to start tattooing, we had a vision of what our studio should

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A nice, light studio where the music is not loud, and where a delicious fresh cup of coffee or tea is always waiting for you. That is one more reason why we can proudly say that Lucky Cat Tattoo is the most relaxed studio in 's-Hertogenbosch and the surrounding area.

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Quality products

We only place and sell high-quality piercings. 
- You don't want any mess in your body!

personal advice

If you are not yet sure which type of piercing is the better choice for you, we are happy to discuss this with you. Your experience must be correct from A to Z. We won't settle for less!

Professional people

You can have such a beautiful business, such beautiful products, and the most expensive equipment, but if people don't know their trade it will never be beautiful.

Hygienic environment

At Lucky Cat you are assured that the environment you are in meets all requirements. And even a little extra, because good is not good enough.

Your Body
     Is Our Canvas

Who hasn't heard this before, that's why you should only be helped by professionals, so that your body becomes even more beautiful.

And these people make that happen!

Team Lucky Cat Tattoo

Lucky Cat Tattoo, erkend door:
GGD Hart van Brabant

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